Pastor X. Estes

Senior Pastor of CWM

True Life

God Knows What Is Best For You!

Seeds of faith are always within us; sometimes it takes a crisis to nourish and encourage their growth. Susan L. Taylor

In all love and mercy, Pastor X. Estes has come forth and shared a deep passionate word of God, building and uniting fellowship within his community and surrounding area. As a  man of God he has experiences many trials and struggles that would try to bring him down, but the glory of God is upon him that grants him the strength to move forward and to use his moments of life as a teaching tool so that others can see the glory  of God.

In helping others to obtain the blessing and the love God, he continues to help reach out to those who are afraid of the truth, who continue to deny the actions of the devil, and those who has the desire to know the Lord, but feel God does not love them. His powerful heart and soul is a light of the spirt and the movement of change, never doubting his calling and knowing that with time he will see the glory and the transformation in the spirit of those who has finally said Yes.


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