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What If YOU Could Change Someone Life?

What if one donation could play a crucial role in the life of others hearing the truth about God’s love?

Your donation to UECA Fellowship & Foundation has the power to save a life and influence many individuals in the world today! In the digital world we now live in, people are bombarded with messages all day long. But, there is one message missing – and that’s the message of how much God truly loves us. Well-meaning churches, ministries, and organizations are falling behind in their online presence. This means searching souls will not be given the opportunity to hear about a ministers, pastor, church, ministry or Christian counselor that could save their marriage, family or even their life.

UECA Fellowship & Foundation strive to not only change the lives of others but grant many individuals the opportunity to share the word of God through our online radio station network, podcast, biblical studies, and even ministerial programs to ensure that God word is reaching the masses. We do our best to offer many of our programs for free, this allows us to empower each and every one the greatest gift of all, the gifts of wisdom, love, and mercy within the body of Christ, without worrying about financial issues at hand.

Your donation is what helps us move forward and allows us to continue to be the message of faith, hope and wisdom God has allowed to place within our hearts and vision as a ministry for the world to see the presences of God.

Our Credibility

UECA Inc. is a charter member of the United Evangelical Council Committee (UECC) which is a join body of churches, ministries, and faith base organizations gather together in full body of Christ. and follows the highest ethical standards.


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Your trust is important to us, so a full description of UECA’s fundraising policies and guidelines are available online for you to view anytime.

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