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“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, but acknowledge him, and he shall direct your path”. Proverbs 3:5-6 

Article 1

  • Our Faith

    We regard the Bible as God’s Spirit-breathed truth and seek to apply its teachings in all aspects of life. We love to study the Bible and treasure the time that we spend with God in his Word. We prioritize personal reading and prayer as well as our time of corporate worship with our church family. 

  • Our Values

    Contentment, Stewardship, Modesty We strive to live all aspects of our lives in contentment, simplicity, and modesty, with thankful hearts, recognizing that our bodies and material possessions ultimately belong to God.9 As God’s image-bearers, we maintain and teach consistent biblical principles on matters of male and female sexuality, identity, and appearance, showing compassion without compromise.

  • Our Strength

    Our strength is knowing that God desires all souls to find their salvation in Jesus, and the church has been commissioned as agents of this work. We look to this great commission as we share the good news of Jesus Christ, baptize in his name, strive to live out the fruits of the gospel, and raise up generations of godly children to carry on this legacy.

    We should always be a guide, a platform that is devoted in spiritual leaders– patient, gentle, and faithful to God.

Article 2

  • Our Community

    We believe that salvation comes by grace through faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, not by anything we can do. As new creatures in Christ, we desire to follow Jesus’ example of walking peacefully in love, patience, and humility, being doers of the word, as well as hearers. When a group of faith base fellowship and strong family Christians becomes aware of a need within the church or community, the response will be timely, sincere, and robust.

  • Our Family

    UECA ministry is more then just a ministry we are truly a Family aspires to be a body of believers, bound together by our love for Jesus Christ and his Word, reflecting God’s love, grace, and truth. Brothers and sisters in Christ are truly considered family, which is evident in the way that we care for one another. We are committed to ensuring that each other’s material needs are met, in times of trial as well as in our daily walks of life. We mourn with each other in losses, celebrate together during times of rejoicing, and desire to be Jesus’ hands and feet for the hurting and struggling. 

  • Our Purpose

    Our purpose & calling in Christ is truly a blessing and should always be used as such. For as believers we are granted liberty from the enslavement of sin, and this freedom makes us a deeply joyful people. As part of the body of Christ, we desire to surrender to his will, standing firmly within our spiritual welfare, not allowing our liberty, strength, and gifts to become a stumbling block that stream from greed, selfishness or foolishness among our brothers or sisters. We foster an environment of accountability, accept true teaching & guidance, learn the value of education, while being a person of encouragement and humbleness. 

Article 3

  • Outreach Ministry

    Scripture has much to say about the importance of spiritual development across generations, community, advocacy services and fellowship Christians prioritize and cherish our cross-generational friendships. The Bible teaches that we should be a light of Christ, being a generation that should nurture younger Christians in the way of love, dignity and integrity. We should stand firm in helping others learn the value of faith, how to be kind and understanding, dedicated to their families, being strong mothers, fathers, children, and neighbors, we should always able to upkeep their community as well as their homes. While we move forward in helping others, teaching others, uplifting others, we must know that all that we do is truly a benefit from wisdom and instruction, we recognize that respect, sharing, and learning between generations is mutual as we labor together in service of the Lord.

  • True Servanthood

    We deeply value hospitality, often opening up our hearts and homes to both new and familiar faces. Our appreciation for each other motivates life-long friendships across states and countries. Frequently, our fellowship will host guests from another congregation for the weekend, even if they have never met. As Jesus commonly shared meals with his disciples, we also frequently dine together. We find that this practice has a particular way of bringing people together. Most of our events involve refreshments in some way. On Sundays, we share a noon meal together between services.

  • Media Concept & Development

    In our media consumption we are very discerning in our use of media, entertainment, and technology, checking that our motivations line up with scriptural truths. We hold in low regard society’s changing fads and philosophies, instead cleaving to the timeless truths of Scripture. Our desire is to fill our thoughts and time with things that are true, honest, just, pure, and lovely. In using the internet broadcasting from audio to video, we are here to share with the world what God has for them, the importance of faith, the method of change, and the degree of true hope.

    We know and understand that the use of radio, tv and other media concept can be used as a true blessing to help others, and that is why we thank our father above for the wisdom and vision to use media development to help change the lives of so many in the world today. 

Evangelist Ms. D Labrecque

Evangelist Ms. D Labrecque

UECA-Mental Awareness Program

Evangelist Labrecque is a strong woman of God, allowing here gift of support group mentor and spiritual concept to be a value in helping her husband Minister Rev. D. Labrecque build a solid and unique platform to help others understand the process in helping those who are dealing with mental issues.