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Do You Have A Calling To Serve God! Do You Have The Courage To Help Others?

Have You Ever Thought About Being A Minister?

Moses led God’s people out of Egypt. Joshua led God’s people into the land of promise. Jehoshaphat led God’s people in spiritual reformation.

We know that God continues to call individuals to do the good works He prepared for them to do (Ephesians 2:10). Our role in Leadership Development and Discipleship ministries is to offer training, tools and resources to equip ministry leaders to accomplish all that God has purposed.

If you are seeking further development as a minister, evangelist, pastor or faith base leader, we welcome you.

Engage with us through our ministerial training & fellowship program, viewing our ministry webinars and online video Live sessions, and visiting our social media pages.  Our in-depth program and platform is here to equip, encourage, educate and empower you to learn how you can be better equipped through the ministry training opportunities and resources we have to offer.

Ministerial Program & Training

All Training – Studies & Courses Work are connected and in association with UECA Ministry & ACTS Theology Inst. As A Full Body in Christ.


The Certificate of Ministry & Servanthood (CMOS) offer’s a 30-credit equivalency program designed to prepare men and women for ministry within the local church, outreach ministries, & faith base organizations.


The License In Ministerial Studies (LIMS) offering 55 credits equivalency program is designed to prepare individuals as a license minister, with over 15 to 20 courses that prepares students for effective ministry.


Accreditation for Ordination (AO) is a unique opportunity to enhance your leadership skills as a minister. In partnership with the ACTS Theology Inst, this program offers a comprehensive education & training series designed to improve your skills and confidence in various ministry areas. With the flexibility to study individually or as a group and the opportunity to be effective and confident ministry leader. 

Group Counseling Certification

The Christian counseling certificate program at ACTS & UECA could be a great path if you want to help others and, potentially, move forward to earn a master’s in counseling. This program integrates the Christian worldview and the Bible into counseling field concepts from substance abuse, mental awareness, family, etc. It teaches the boundaries and limitations for faith base counselors.