Jail & Prison Ministry

Jail & Prison Ministry

Path-Way Jail & Prison Ministries provides the inspiration to change the lives of many, transforming the Word of God into stages of spiritual mentorship, life lesson’s, creative discussions, and teaches young men and women to become better people, effective leaders, loving  parents, and productive individual within our community, and society as a whole.

Path-Way offers a new vision for life, to know you are not walking this journey alone, and one can be a light of Christ so that others can pick up the path also.

Our jail and prison ministry provides eight transformational programs and life lessons for all those who are incarcerated.  It started several years ago when Christ the change the lives of our mentors and elders, and begin to understanding their calling as men and women of Christ. The pilot program begin in Ill. Corr. Center (Ill River Prison System), reaching, teaching, influencing and seeing the life of many become a change individual, to be the kind of human being that God planned for them to be in life. The focus of the program begin to break break a generational curse that, for many, is caused by poor choices and a broken home life.

The program made a strong difference in many lives from 2001 to 2019, sharing the word to over 8,000 individuals in the men and women prison system, but it was the impact of the one-on-one counseling sessions, group discussions, and creative spiritual mentorship that help so many changed their lives, achieving goals, obtaining their dreams, gaining a education, graduating from different colleges, and even becoming license ministers under the direction and training of “ACTS Biblical Institute”. 

Path-Way continue to strive in sharing the word of God, as well as training & equip believers from local churches, outreach ministries, organizations to be truly effective in jail and prison ministries platform. Enabling them to reach out to people behind bars with the transforming power of the Gospel and practical expressions of God’s love. It’s a dramatic and life-transforming example of the mercy and power of a saving God and His servants in action.

The program does not stop when they are release, we do our best to communicate with each individual, helping them to move forward and continue to be a person of wisdom and spiritual development. Working with organizations, ministries, and even with parole agency to provide ex-offenders a pathway for transitional housing and continue the transformational process in our “Next Step” program.

SEE WHAT GOD HAS DONE: The success of our programs and ministry quickly spread to other facilities throughout Illinois. Today, we offer services for men and women in the corrections system that include:

  • Bible Lesson Grading Team
  • Weekly Discussions
  • Women in Prison Support Groups
  • Literature Distribution in Jails and Prisons
  • Worship Services
  • Bible Studies
  • One-on-one Mentoring
  • Ex Offenders Mentoring Program
  • Volunteer Training Seminars
  • Chaplain’s Training Institute
  • Ministerial License Programs

Even as of today society, we continue to reach out to every state, local and federal corrections facility, organizations, outreach ministries, and churches, to open their hearts to help those who are incarcerated to know the love of Christ, to be a beacon light of the Kingdom of God.  If your church, ministry, organization or corrections institution is interested in participating in our spiritual formation  program and Chaplaincy connection group, please contact us.

Please donate toward the outreach ministry – PathWay  Jail & Prison Ministry for men and women. In obtaining donations we are able to supply bible studies, faith materials, life coaching programs, and so much more for our brothers and sisters that are incarcerated and is seeking to serve the Lord. Your donation would surely help in so many ways.  God Bless

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