Life Coaching Program

Life Coaching Program

Life Coaching Skills Project

Spiritual formation is a topic of discussion in many circles. As a part of our Life Coaching program, we strive to lead others in the method of spiritual development, self-assures, productive method, and support system. We all long for intimacy with God, but how is spiritual growth and maturity developed? What are the dynamics in which God most often works in the heart of believers to make them like His Son, Jesus Christ? This support group and discussion platform addresses these and other questions in order to lay a biblical foundation for proper Christian thought and behavior. In this program, we present a platform that identifies and describes specific practices that can be applied immediately to your walk of faith.

We also design a discussion group in order to help individuals in the growth of intimacy with God and to mature in spiritual life and relationships. The progress is to traces the work of the Holy Spirit through the Old and New Testaments and identifies specific spiritual practices that encourage growth in the spiritual life. The program also utilizes lectures from Spiritual Formation 101 / 210 / 320 / 403 as a basis for the practice of contemplative exercises and online discussion of issues related to the spiritual life.

Spiritual Formation is a part of the course work to obtain certifications for Lay-Ministers, License Ministers, & Ordained Ministers. It is also used for a greater since of growth on a self-study group and church, organizations programs, and Christian Educational Ministries Groups.

This program is open for learning every 6 months for any or all individuals striving to achieve a higher since of connection within ministry or spiritual foundation programs. Credits achieved from this study can be added and accepted within the ACTS Biblical Institute and within the NLCOM Project.

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