NLCOM Program

NLCOM Program

Learn how to lead in a spiritual and Godly manner that will not only change the lives within your ministry, but also change the lives of those within your community.

There are many leaders who are moving forward, striving to change the way the world maybe, and yet it is at if they have forgotten that the world can move turn without the individuals who are placed within our life, our communities, churches, ministries and organizations.

Here at UECA Foundation it is not about making money, getting rich, or being famous, but being the best we can be within the love, mercy, and wisdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our goals are to change lives in the fashion that will continue to move forward in the process of each person helping the next person, and so forth.

We most come to understanding that the purpose of ministry is to be a part and  partial of the Kingdom of God, sharing his wisdom, spreading his love, helping others, given someone a peace of mind while leading them to a process that will continue to help them see the light at the end of that darken tunnel.

Our father never promised us that things would be easy, that we would be able to have total sunshine every single day, but he has given us a platform that will help us walk through the darkness, overcome those struggles, move forward even when it seem as if all hope is gone. He gave us a inspiring stage by allowing his very son to die upon the cross so we can be more connected to his amazing love daily.

This why we join hand and hand with the National Leadership Conference for Christian Counselors, Chaplains & Ordain Ministers. This platform is intense and personal leadership training full of real-world applications. It’s a life-expanding and leadership-expanding process is truly a faith base, practical ministry development and spiritual principles that will positively impact your congregation and community.

NLCOM Inc. experience has grown into a passion to teach and mentor upcoming ministers as well as season ministers. It is our goal to teach life skills and leadership skills experience, impacting the most practical leadership lessons so one can be effective with all principles at every stage of ministry as each one make progress in their career field. 

Learn from a leaders, counselors, mentors, & pastors who understands your struggles. Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like you’re not growing? Our platform will do more then help you lead your church, organizations or ministry, it will help you understand the process of ministry, spiritual development, community involvement, and the ability to obtain your God-given goals. 

You Will Learn And Grow In The Following Topics & So Much More:

Explore the mission model of the apostle Paul and its relevance for contemporary leadership in mission and ministry.


To understand himself/herself as a leader, and to identify the various aspects of personality and baggage that will affect his/her leadership. To understand the leadership process.


Will understand and be able to articulate the issues of culture in their situation.

Will understand the best way of developing a vision for the future within his/her cultural situation.

Will be able to develop a strategic plan for implementation that will move the organization toward the preferred future. Will define a vision of a preferred future for the organization/ministry of which he/she is a part.

Will understand the importance of prayer in the process, and develop a structure for supporting the vision with prayer. Having a ear to hear, and a heart to accept the answers God shall grant you, be willing to know the difference between your goals and your goal from God.


Please donate toward NLCOM Project, for you donation allows us to continue to strive, mentor, teach, educate and grant spiritual direction for all young men and season men with the desire to serve God, and to change their lives for the better. Your donation would surely help in so many ways.  God Bless

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