Ministerial Certifications

Ministerial Certifications

Ministries Leadership Certifications

Many people ask the question concerning the distinctions between lay-ministers, licensed and ordained ministers, which one must understand that it vary by the religious organizations that issue these credentials. In some organizations, ministerial certifications of lay-ministers and license ministers may be an initial step in the path to full ordination. Lay-Minister certifications is a way for any or all denomination to sanction the ministry of someone who does not have the training or experiences to become a license minister or a full ordain minister and the credentials that is needed, but who is nonetheless engaged in an active ministry in a local church, outreach or faith base organization.

Reasons for Distinction

The reasons for making distinctions between the 3 also may vary by denomination. In some denominations, seminary students or candidates for ministerial accreditations & credential must first undergo a probationary period as a lay-minister or a licensed minister. Another reason why a denomination might grant lay-minister credentials and/or license minister credentials is to address a lack of trained clergy in a specific geographical area. These denominations active laypeople who lack ministerial education to serve as license, ordained, and/or pastors of congregations. UECA Inc. strive to train and educate each individual through the process so one can be effective, and be able to work in different fields of ministries, and other denominations so one can achieve their goal of becoming a license or ordain ministers, while providing accountability and support in order to perform specific ministries duties, leadership or within full or part-time basis as a Pastoral leader.

Differing Levels of Ministers

Even though some denominations may restrict the activities of a lay-minister or licensed minister to performing certain clergy duties, such as preaching, while not permitting him to officiate at weddings or funerals. Other denominations may allow licensed ministers to perform any rite or sacrament, but only within a local church. UECA Inc. train ministers in all area’s, so when the time come they will be prepared and is able to perform their duties correctly and effectively to ensure a positive outcome.

Education and Training

In partnership & fellowship with the Alliances for Christian Training & Seminary (ACTS Biblical Institute & Theology), we set out to establish a in-depth training course, educational standards, and internship for all individuals who are working toward in becoming a licensed ministers and ordained ministers. In process of being a member of UECA Inc, we consider all our members as part of the lay-ministers position, sharing different aspect of serving God through the method of discussions, biblical studies, audio and video sermons. This grants each individual the opportunity to truly know if their heart is following the right path.

In the process of doing so, it is important for those who are seeking certifications must obtain their certificate of lay-minister accreditations through our self-study program, student discussion group, and a one on one counseling session with one of our mentors. In order to obtain certification from UECA, it is require that each individual maintain a good standing progress, be involved within their church, outreach or faith base organization, and continue to share their progress with their spiritual mentor.

Once approved to move forward into the studies of license or ordained minister, they will attend all required course work and studies that is taught through ACTS Biblical Institute & Theology, as well as attending required discussion groups and/or clergy meeting in order to obtain a full outline of being a effective minister within their community.

Those working toward their ordination certification requirements are more advanced, and is more involved within programs, internship, and community advocacy projects within the study program, this is a important standard, which continue to allow our credentials and accreditations to be accepted by many different churches, outreach ministries and faith base organizations. We will not have it any other way, for we take our duties and spiritual calling very seriously, and we want those attending educational program to do the same.

Many of our ordained ministers have step forward and obtain their accreditation within our “National Leadership Conference for Christian Chaplains, Counselors & Ordain Ministers Inc. project, and is now also teaching up and coming ministers of today.  This level of accreditation requires ordained ministers to complete a sequence of seminary-level courses and attend our theology educational programs specifically for those seeking to work in the field of Christian Counseling, Chaplains, and Pastoral Formation.

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