Volunteers Services

Volunteers Services

Intrinsic in the spirit and purpose of many faith-based organizations is a sentiment that it is important to make a difference by serving others—it is only natural that faith-based organizations and other nonprofit organizations work together to
achieve the good they wish the see in the community. Our goal and purpose is to provide and help guide one another into a effective collaboration within ministry, communities, and organizations.

Project TEAM-Faith Volunteer Experience, a program of the United Evangelical Fellowship & Christian Faith Assembly (UECA), invites young adults into a service to help the church, outreach ministries, and community with fellow volunteers. Team-Faith is rooted and grounded in the Christ-like tradition welcoming all individuals, from many different backgrounds. In community, volunteers support one another in a shared commitment to deepening their understanding of social justice issues, mental awareness, outreach, and youth development so one can deepening their personal spirituality, and living a simple and sustainable lifestyle.

Type of Placement

We provide an array of hands-on social & outreach opportunities which include serving people within the church, communities, youth development, after school programs, support groups, treatment centers for addictions, depression, etc. and those with developmental disabilities & many more to come. Opportunities also include legislative advocacy and volunteer management training.

Service Area

All service sites are based upon your city and state which your live, for we work with many different ministries, churches, and organizations to provide a stable, fun and engaging place to volunteer for. There are part-time and full-time volunteer programs that we are continue to work closely with, and continue to connect with others through our “Christian Network” program and service platform. This platform also offers a built-in support system in order to provide our volunteers with the training, information, and encouragement that they need in order to be effective within the field they have elected to serve.

Many of our volunteers find interested in:

  • Exploring the intersection of faith, calling, and social issues
  • Focusing on spiritual development
  • Engaging in vocational discernment
  • Learning about the urban church and ministries from local pastors and leaders
  • Sharing your gifts through a placement at a local agency or ministry
  • Experiencing other cultures while sharing your own experiences. 

Team-Faith gives you the opportunity for all these experiences and more! If you are 19 or older and interested in dedicating time to serving at an agency, growing your faith, and learning different skills then we are the place for you!

Team-Faith ensures that our services is a dedicated platform that provides joyful, challenging, and life-giving, skills. The  experience will help you gain a sense of the vastness of God’s kingdom and your place in it. 

We will be  posting up and coming areas, cities, and states of churches, ministries, and organizations that will be offering volunteer services, as well as a platform to begin training for those who are interested.

Project Information