Women of Grace Ministry

Women of Grace Ministry

At UECA, we believe that women’s ministry has the opportunity to extend God’s Kingdom into our homes, churches, communities and even throughout the world.

 Titus 2 has much to say about discipleship, and specifically about training women to think biblically about all of life and live those truths out in the context of community.


Today, our culture is promoting a view of womanhood that is confusing, but the Bible has the power to transform our understanding of what it means to be a woman. We want our churches to be a sanctuary from the lies of this world that encourages and equips women to find their identity in Christ. At UECA our aim is to come alongside churches, ministries, & faith organizations to help cultivate a climate that is ripe for this type of meaningful women’s ministry to flourish.

W.O.G. can connect you to resources and seasoned Women’s Ministry leaders that can help. W.O.G. is a team of mothers, counselors, teachers, preachers, etc. that can come together in order to uplift one another, providing a listening ear and voice of grace.

W.O.G. principles direct everything we do as a women’s ministry committee. Whether we are developing or promoting Bible studies, or organizing and promoting congregational and synodical ministries for or by women, these principles give direction to all we do:

1) We are determined to let the gospel predominate.
The gospel of Jesus Christ predominates in all we do. The gospel is not an afterthought to add to a Bible study or ministry project to make it acceptable. God’s grace in his Son proclaimed to all the world is the beating heart behind every study or activity. Our subjective/personal response to the gospel (as important as that is) will never overshadow the importance of the objective truth of all that is ours because of the life, death, and resurrection of Christ in our place. Even when we are giving “how to” encouragement, we will not forget that the gospel alone empowers us to will and to do according to God’s good purpose.

2) We delight to teach all that Scripture’s principle of head and helper has to say to us.
In all we produce and promote we give clear evidence that we rejoice in the beauty of the interdependent partnership God has given us as spiritually gifted men and women. We will emphasize both the beauty of our equal status and shared callings in Christ as well as the goodness of our unique callings that make us true complements, not clones, of one another.

3) We are unafraid to apply Scripture wherever Scripture speaks, but we refuse to bind consciences beyond Scripture.
While teaching all that Scriptures has to say, we will resist the pressure to set up a rule book of what ministry by and for women must look like in every ministry setting. Refusing to set up a one size fits all rule book gives people the opportunity to make wise and spiritually mature use of their Christian freedom. It refuses to cater to the laziness of our sinful nature that does not want to wrestle with challenging issues. We will urge people to listen carefully to what Scripture does have to say. We will also encourage them to make wise use of Christian freedom in decisions neither commanded nor forbidden by God, always striving to do only that which will honor God and build up Christ’s church.

4) We help God’s people to remember that we are part of a larger fellowship of believers.
We will help God’s people avoid spiritual myopia so that they ponder how their decisions affect other Christians beyond us, our congregations, and our synod. Since the Word didn’t begin or end with us, we will consider whether what may indeed be permissible is truly wise for other Christians as well as ourselves.

W.O.G. Women’s Ministry, always using Scripture as its guiding principle, has the following objectives:

  • To encourage and model personal study of the Bible and use of the Sacraments so that the gospel message may be proclaimed boldly and clearly in our daily lives
  • To work under the W.O.G. Commission on Adult Discipleship
  • To work together with men as we fully understand from Scripture how we are all to serve God
  • To explore scripturally sound opportunities for service in every calling of life from home, to church, to the world
  • To equip women to fulfill their callings
  • To develop fresh approaches to God-pleasing ministries for women
  • To offer a variety of venues for communicating and sharing ideas
  • To thank God for the solid foundation of faith and service he has given to us as an example in the many godly women and men in our congregations who’ve gone before us


If you are interested in joining the ministry or would like to start a “W.O.G.” at your church, ministry or organization, you can reach out to W.O.G. Director by: wog-ministry@ueca.org

Please donate toward the outreach ministry of Woman of Grace Ministry, for your donation allows W.O.G. to move in forward in helping young and season women to become leaders, teachers, spiritual educators, and full foundation of Christ within the community. Building more each day with the blessing of God to help change the world for the better. Your donation would surely help in so many ways.  God Bless

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