Rick Warren Shares Heath Update, Announces He’ll Undergo Second Surgery Before Christmas

Rick Warren Shares Heath Update, Announces He’ll Undergo Second Surgery Before Christmas

Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren has detailed the “excruciating abdominal pain” he recently endured that caused him to undergo emergency surgery — and revealed he’ll need a second surgery before Christmas.

Warren, author of Purpose Driven Life, was rushed to a hospital Thursday morning and immediate surgery was required for a perforated intestine.

Rick’s wife, Kay Warren, who was mid-flight to Northern Ireland when she heard the news, immediately flew back to be with her husband, according to an update posted to the Causeway Coast Vineyard Church Facebook page.

Sunday, Rick Warren updated church members of his condition via email.

Fortunately Josh, my son, called me at the same moment of my pain, and he rushed over to drive me to an urgent care facility, where the doctor administered shots of antibiotics and a painkiller, and advised me to get a CT scan immediately the next morning. But as Josh and I were leaving, my body started shaking uncontrollably, so the Urgent Care doctor insisted that we immediately go to a hospital ER.

He continued: “At the hospital, staff (who happened to be Saddleback members) immediately got my CT scan which revealed that my intestine had perforated (torn) and the infections in my GI tract were flowing through the ruptured intestinal wall and into the rest of my body. So I had emergency surgery quickly and I am now recovering.”

The pastor concluded by thanking everyone for their prayers noting that though it all, God has been “so good” to him.

“I’ve been told that I will need a second surgery after Christmas,” he added. “Bless you all!”

Earlier, Kay Warren revealed her husband’s situation started out “quite serious” but dramatically improved after surgery.

“He is much better today! The surgery went even better than expected and he will be released in a few days. Things were quite serious for a day but he is strong and tough and he is on the road to recovery! Thank you for your prayers for us!”

The Orange County Register notes that Warren is entering one of his busiest times of the year, as there are at least a dozen church services planned for the Christmas season at Saddleback, of which Warren typically preaches 10.

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