May 4, 2022

The Name of God

The Name of God
  1. Each time the word “LORD” is written in all capital letters in our Bibles, it refers to the personal name of Israel’s God. How many times is God’s personal name used in Deuteronomy 6:4-5?
    (Note: NASB translation does not capitalize; use NIV, ESV, or NLT to see capitalizations.)
  2. Read Exodus 3:1-12
    How does the angel of the LORD appear to Moses (v. 2), and how did he introduce himself (v. 6)? What does the LORD invite Moses to do and why (vv. 7-10)? What is Moses’ reply (v. 11)? How does the LORD reassure him (v. 12)?
  3. Remember that while the author has been using the word “LORD” throughout this narrative retelling, this is the first time any human has learned God’s name. After the LORD invites him on a mission, what does Moses want to know (v. 13)? How does God reply (vv. 14-15)?  Read Exodus 3:13-17
  4. Why does God’s name, Yahweh, usually appear in our English Bibles as LORD, Jehovah, or Adonai (see video 1:32-2:57)? In our English Bibles, how is LORD—written in capital letters—different from the same word written in lowercase letters, “lord” (see video 2:57-3:25)?
  5. The divine name of the God of Israel refers to the one who was in the past, is in the present, and will always be in the future. Why do you think this was important for Israel to know as God announced his plan to deliver them from slavery? How does God’s name help you understand who he is today?

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