December 5, 2022

Trustworthy Week

Trustworthy Week

When hard times come and it seems God is deviating from the plan we assume our life should follow, we’re much more likely to want to tame God, not trust Him. It’s then that we begin to press into our own ways and our own timing.

No human can carry the weight of being their own god, but so many of us try. Through this study of 1 and 2 Kings, you’ll learn to: Loosen the grip of trying to control people and circumstances in your life by taking steps today to truly rely on God.

Identify your own trust issues with God and how to overcome them by unpacking pivotal, relevant life lessons from the kings of the Old Testament. Find relief from fear or doubt about how things will turn out with 10 scriptural truths you can declare over your situation right now.

When you sign up for the Trustworthy Online Bible Study, you’ll also get a free beautifully designed New Year’s Prayer that will help you trust God more in 2020. The 6-week study begins January 20.

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