Dr. John Baker

Chair-person UECA Board of Elders

Co-Adjuctor Bishop UECA Inc.

Dr. John Baker is known as one true humble, and gifted servant of God whose ultimate desire is to do the will of God.
Pastor served honorably as a veteran of the United States Armed Forces for over 22 years. His education includes a “Bachelor of Science” degree and a Masters in Practical Ministry.
He has been ministering for over 22 years on the gospel field for Jesus Christ.  In 2014 he became the “Founder and Senior Lead Pastor” of Silverlight Outreach Ministries, He has been married to his lovely wife for 30 years; together they have changed the lives of many individuals.
Pastor Baker’s desire as a church; is to be within the community proclaiming the Word of Christ and providing good deeds whenever possible to the community.  His community accomplishments have been the establishment of a veterans ministry that minister to veterans and their family members. Over the years, he spearheaded a community-wide job fair to assist the local community in regaining employment.
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