Dr. Shae Waters

Co-Chairman UECA Board of Elders

Presiding Bishop UECA Inc.

Bishop Dr. Shae Waters is the Co-Chairman & Presiding Bishop of the UECA Foundation, elected for the 2019, and was reaffirm on 13th June 2021. Dr. Waters is from Fruitland, Maryland.

Mr. Waters is considered to be a very passionate and spiritual man, with the very connection to those who are part of his community. He has been part of the law enforcement agency for Maryland for over 20 yrs, and is recognized to be a man of faith who believes in given someone a second chance with the concept of truly changing their lives through example.

He attends U.M.E of Fruitland Maryland, while presiding as Assistant Pastor. Taking up the calling of his father, this charismatic fourth-generation faithful leader was ordained to the ministry in 2005. He has served as a youth pastor, preaching in revivals throughout the United States. A witness to the Theology & biblical teaching, he continues to help others obtain the resources that is needed to either achieve their minister license or become a ordain pastor.

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