February 1, 2024

Faith Talks: The Power of Networking

Faith Talks: The Power of Networking

The mission of United Women in Faith has always been to celebrate and encourage women leaders – in church and in the community.

As we enter this new year, let’s learn about United Women in Faith’s latest leadership tools from guests Praveena Balasundaram, Director of Communications; Olivia DiAgostino, Transformation Program Coordinator; and Shannon Priddy, Executive for Development & Donor Relations.

This trio from United Women in Faith has been on the forefront of opening and sharing a virtual space to connect members easily with one another and with our valued resources, such as the Program Resource, Prayer Guide, and Mission Studies.

We will hear about our innovative networking site, created during the stay-at-home days of the pandemic. However, it is not just a band aid for the past but muscle for the future! In this safe and private place for thoughtful and moderated conversations, you won’t be distracted by advertising or other annoyances from the large and impersonal social media platforms. We understand you.

Leadership development, resources for the daily journey, and chatting with new friends are all just a click away.

Let’s hear about and share how, through United Women in Faith’s digital and in-person gatherings, we can grow together. After all, as women become leaders, churches and communities will thrive too.

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